Friday, February 28, 2014

Food - Lauren I

This picture is showing students walking into Donovan for their lunch.Students depend on Donovan food even though it is not that good. Donovan has a variety of food available for all students, professors, and faculty. 

This photo shows students waiting in line to pay for their food. This is a disadvantage because waiting in line can make the food cold.

An advantage of Donovan food is the healthy alternative. The salad bar is available every day and has a different variety of fruit to chose from every day. ( Not sure why I cant rotate this picture ... sorry! ) 

Makaela Smith

There are healthy things in the Donovan Dining Center such as the gluten free toaster and toast for the people that have allergies to foods.

Dels Lemonade is a Rhode Island thing here, so they placed a machine here for people who like it and the out-of-staters who have never had it. 

The positive to the ice cream machine is that there are three different types of ice creams to pick from but the negative is that it costs $4.25 per lb for a cup of ice cream. 

Nicole Nehiley

The lunch menu has a few options to try to please everyone

Nicole Nehiley

Donovan tables are empty

Nicole Nehiley

Lauren Iannuccilli

Food group!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

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